How many legs per runner?

Each runner will run two lengths between 4-7 miles long.

Do we need volunteers to come?

Volunteers are supplied by local area schools and businesses and you are not required to supply any additional volunteers.

Do we need to bring gear such as cones or reflector vests?

The entire race is done during daylight hours so reflector vests are not necessary. Cones are not necessary for exchange points.

Six runners, how many miles for each runner, is each leg broken up evenly or depending upon difficulty of the terrain? How many miles total?

Each leg will be a different distance varying from 4 – 7 miles depending on the best place for the exchange. The total distance will be about 65 miles.

Will there be designated exchange stations?

There will be designated exchange zones.

Start time?

The start time will vary depending on the number of teams. We may start them all together if we only have 15-20. We will stagger the start if we have 20 or more. The first team will start at 6:30 am.

Can the runners use headphones?

Headphones are allowed on the course but runners are to use at their own discretion as this is not a closed course and runners should be aware of their surroundings.

How many support vehicles may each team have?

We recommend that only one support vehicle be used due to the narrow mountain roads. An exception may be made by the race staff.

When is the registration deadline for the relay?

Registration deadline is one week prior to race day.

How many teams are allowed to participate?

This year we are limiting the amount to 75. That may change in subsequent years if we find that we are able to manage more teams on the mountain roads.

Are there any dirt roads the support vehicles must travel on? If yes what kind of shape are the roads in? In other words should the support vehicle have high clearance or 4X4?

There are dirt roads along the trail. However, they are well maintained and do not require 4×4. They are drivable by any vehicle.

Looks like I missed the deadline.
 Any plans for another one next year?

We are planning on having this event every year.