2013 Fish Lake Relay Team Results

Thank you to everyone who ran, volunteered or cheered on at the Fish Lake Relay 2013. What a beautiful day for a race! Here are the final standings for the race. We will be posting leg times shortly.

[table],Team Name,Bib#,Time,Place

1,Relay for Life,54,7:54:22,1st Co-Ed

2,Liquid Hurricane,50,8:02:15,1st Men

3,Rainbow Brights,61,9:12:33,1st Women

4,Farmer Tanned,42,9:12:42,2nd Co-Ed

5,I’d Rather Be Giving Birth,48,9:38:37,2nd Women

6,Shiver Me Limbers,56,9:38:41,2nd Men

7,Those Tuckers,52,9:40:39,


9,Zion’s Army,60,10:07:33,

10,Back Road Bandits,62,10:12:39,

11,Peep’s Squad,53,10:16:04

12,Wooly Legers,59,10:22:34,

13,Fellowship Of The Run,46,10:38:18,

14,Aches Over My Hammy,40,10:40:10,

15,Last Chance,49,10:48:50,

16,Dixie Chicks,41,10:52:39,

17,Fast Fishies 2,43,11:02:38,

18,Fast Fishies 1,44,11:02:40,

19,Fast Fishies 3,45,11:02:44,

20,Stuffed With Fluff,57,11:28:11,

21,More Cowbell,51,11:32:01,

22,Road Cones,55,11:48:45,[/table]

Best Decorated Van – I’d Rather Be Giving Birth

Best Name – Road Cones

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