A Few More Questions Answered

More questions are arising as the date of the race gets closer. We are still drawing up those course maps and they should be up within the week. We have driven up to the race course and the snow is nearly melted. On the Fourth of July the roads were still impassable due to snow drifts, but now the roads are clear and the maps are on their way.

Question: So, six runners, how many miles for each runner, is each leg broken up evenly or depending upon difficulty of the terrain? Will there be designated exchange stations? How many miles total? Do you have a place where there is better information? Start time?

We are in the process of designing the course right now. We will have designated exchange zones.  Each leg will be a different distance varying from 4 – 7 miles depending on the best place for the exchange. The total distance will be about 62 miles.  The start time will vary depending on the number of teams.  We may start them all together if we only have 15-20 teams. We will stagger the start if we have 20 or more.

Thanks for your interest.

Question: A flyer that I received said the number of teams that can participate is 75. Is it 50 or 75 because the website shows only 50 teams can participate.

This year we are limiting the number of teams to 75 but that number may change if we find that we are able to manage more teams in subsequent years.

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