More Questions about the Fish Lake Relay Answered

As the Fish Lake Relay gets closer there are more and more questions about the details of the race. Hopefully this will answer a lot of the questions that many of you have.

The snow has finally melted or been cleared along the roads at Fish Lake and our team is going to get up there on the top of the mountain and map out a course. As soon as they get back, we will be posting the map with all of the stopping points.

  • Is there a place where I can find what the teams need to bring with them?

That is up to you as a team. We don’t have any specific instruction on what you should bring.


  • Do we need volunteers to come?

No, we do not require that teams provide volunteers.


  • And how many cars do we need to have?

We recommend that you have one vehicle for your team. If that is not possible, then you should have two at the most.


  • Also, do we need to bring gear such as cones or reflector vests?

No, the entire race will be run in the daylight so these are not required.

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